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As women, we already have far too much to juggle and we can often feel off-balance, but that doesn’t mean that your vulva needs to feel the same way. You can feel comfort and pride that your vagina is a self-cleansing goddess, but what about your vulva? Being the founder of WAXON, a chain of Laser + Waxbars, my daily conversations revolve around below the belt services and far too many times our Clients have voiced their frustrations around the intimate skin care products available for women. They were either disappointed in the general lack of products in the marketplace that catered to vulva care but look chic, contain clean ingredients and are also affordable – is this really too much to ask for? Or they were simply misinformed on what they should be using below the belt and why it’s important to use products that don’t mess with your precious balance down south. South products contain only clean ingredients, they look beautiful and don't shout ‘VAGINA’. Made by Women, for Women – our mission is to provide products that will help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. Enjoy! XO Lexi

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