Where is my vulva? I'm confused! I thought it was called a vagina...

Great question! The external female genitals - most often called the 'vagina' is actually called the vulva. The vagina is the the birth canal and is just the internal part of our sexual anatomy.

What do you mean when you say your products are 'clean'?

We care about protecting your balance down south, that’s why our products don’t contain any of the following ingredients: PARABENS, SLES & SLS, MINERAL OIL / PETROLATUM, PHTHALATES, FORMALDEHYDES, COLOUR/ARTIFICIAL COLOUR, RETINYL PALMITATE, TRICLOSAN, TEA / DEA, BHT.

How often do I need to use the Probiotic Intimate Skin Cleanser?

You can use our Intimate Skin Cleanser as part of your daily routine. Gentle enough to use once daily in the bath or shower. It also doubles as an amazing body wash!

How often do I need to use the Ingrown Hair Serum?

This can vary by person, and how irritated the skin is. It is recommended to use twice daily, applied to clean dry skin.  For sensitive skin, you can start with one application per day and build up to two.

Why should I use a cleanser that is pH balanced?

Regular soaps and creamy body washes can have a pH level more than double the pH of the vulva. This means they can strip vital moisture and be drying, or even cause irritation to the sensitive skin below the belt. Using a cleanser with a pH level around 4 and clean ingredients, means you won’t be disrupting your natural balance, while still feeling clean.

What benefits does a probiotic formula have?

Our yogurt extract helps the skin retain moisture. Like any other skin, the vulva does age, and typical soaps and cleaners can cause dryness. Using a probiotic enriched product, can help lock that vital moisture in the skin.

Where is South made?

South is made proudly in Canada.

Can I spray the Deo-Mist inside my vagina, like a douche?

No. The Deo-Mist is for external use only, and is not intended to be applied internally. This product should be sprayed on areas that can grow hair (whether or not you have any!) It can also be sprayed on the inner thighs.

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