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GOOD FOR HER: Exploring Sex Toys with Carlyle Jansen

WAXON recently had the pleasure of chatting with Carlyle Jansen, the founder of Good For Her, a premier sex toy shop...

My Labiaplasty Journey

We recently sat down with Stephanie, WAXON’s Trainer & Educator. Before being promoted to lead trainer, Stephan...

The lowdown on waxing on your period

Periods can suck. We’re all for women rallying and doing it all on their periods but most women agree it’s definitel...

Benefits of sex during pregnancy

We’ve all seen the joke play out, whether on TV or in our real lives; men worried that they will poke their babies d...

Living with PCOS

Getting a diagnosis that helps explains your life can be liberating, but that liberation can go hand-in-hand with pa...

Post-baby Sex

If you’ve spent any time on Netflix recently, chances are you’ve come across Workin’ Moms, a Canadian sitcom centere...

Decode your discharge

There is a game that we women know how to play all too well. Feeling a little dampness in your drawers? Unsure what ...

The BIG 'O': Different Types of Orgasms and how to have them

There is a moment we all know and love, that we look forward to, and that never fails to draw a huge sigh from us w...

Can the Keto Diet give you Keto Crotch?

Eating ketogenic has surpassed the diet fad phase and for many, has become a real way of life. Even food companies ...
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