Benefits of sex during pregnancy

We’ve all seen the joke play out, whether on TV or in our real lives; men worried that they will poke their babies during sex with their pregnant partners. It’s a real concern for a lot of people, along with about 100 other things that pop up around sex during pregnancy. So, we here at WAXON wanted to do a little digging to find out what you need to know about having sex while pregnant.  

According toThe Bump, keeping up your pre-pregnancy sex life is encouraged. And the good news is unless told otherwise by your doctor, sex during pregnancy is safe. This tends to be the most frequently asked question so should ease the minds of our readers. It’s safe and encouraged to have sex while pregnant! And, to answer the age-old myth: no, your baby can’t feel your partner’s penis because the cervix acts as a barrier. So, if that’s all the reassurance you need go forth and start copulating! However, if after hearing this you still feel a bit… hesitant, that’s okay. Let’s explore some other benefits of sex during pregnancy. 

Get those good, good hormones flowing 

Having sex produces oxytocin, otherwisedubbed the “love hormone” for its production during skin to skin contact. Oxytocin is also responsible for signaling contractions in the womb during labour, which is why people will often recommend having sex when you’re trying to induce labour naturally. The loving feeling produced by oxytocin can also translate to your baby feeling secure in the womb, which is another great reason to have sex throughout your pregnancy.  

Orgasms = exercise? Sort of! 

We all know about doing Kegels during pregnancy to help with post-birth recovery, but did you know that orgasms can do a similar thing? The muscles active during orgasm play a crucial role in pelvic floor strength, so having orgasms throughout your pregnancy can help your pelvic floor recover post birth. It’s basically like a work out for your vagina that you get to enjoy. I mean, who can possibly be mad at that?!  

If you’re finding your extra sensitive during pregnancy and want to explore some alternative ways to orgasm besides clitoral stimulation, make sure to check out our post ondifferent orgasms and how to have them!

Bond with your partner 

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, and knowing that you’re about to shift into caring for a child can put a lot of pressure on a relationship. That’s why sex can be so important during pregnancy, if you’re feeling up for it. Once again, oxytocin isn’t called the “love hormone” for nothing; having sex genuinely increases the bond you have with your partner, helping you come even closer in preparation for this new shift in your lives.  

At the end of the day, sex can provide lots of benefits to you when pregnant (just like it can the rest of the time!). But if you’re not feeling up to it, that’s okay too. Make sure to check back with We Go There as we continue exploring other aspects of sex during pregnancy, where we will hopefully be able to answer more of your questions! Until then, go out there and get some!  

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