The lowdown on waxing on your period

Periods can suck. We’re all for women rallying and doing it all on their periods but most women agree it’s definitely not their favourite time of the month. Contrary to tampon and pad commercials showing women twirling around in white skirts and sweating hard at the gym while menstruating, many experience intense cramping, headaches, nausea and a severe lack of energy. For some, it’s even a ‘time of avoiding’: avoiding the beach, avoiding shopping for jeans, or avoiding wearing anything but stretchy pants. One thing you shouldn’t avoid is visiting your waxing salon because it’s definitely possible to get waxed while on your period (and not as unpleasant as you think!). 

Before you get waxed: 

Consider your body and how it’s feeling. Different times of your cycle are more sensitive than others, so be mindful and think about taking a Tylenol 30 minutes before your appointment if you feel extra sensitive. Your skin is not only more sensitive to pain on your period but can be dryer as well.You may also want to consider opting for a bikini wax over a brazilian (but it is totally possible to get a brazillian on your period!) You know your body best so listen to it. 

Shower--whether you’re on your period or not, it’s a good idea to shower at some point during the day of your waxing appointment--it’s just proper etiquette. Also, it may go without saying, but it’s most comfortable for you and your Waxologist if you wear a tampon or menstrual cup.

Notice the length of your hair. It should be ¼ to ½ inch or longer, or else you won’t get as clean of a look. Your Waxologist can trim it for you if it’s too long, but if it’s too short, don’t expect her to work miracles. 

At the Laser + Waxbar:

Disclose to your Waxologist that you’re on your period--it’s a professional courtesy. Plus, Waxologists & Laserologists wax and laser women on their periods all the time! It’s best to give her the heads-up to avoid embarrassment because they’ll likely find out unexpectedly anyway. 

Tuck your tampon string in--trust us when we say you don’t want it out and about (do we really have to spell out the risk of wax getting on it?!). Use the handi-wipes in the room. They’re there for a reason and completely safe for anywhere on your body. And, you’ll feel super fresh! 

Remember to breathe. Your body is dealing with a lot during this time of the month, so focus on the sound of your breath and try to keep yourself relaxed as you can. 

After you get waxed: 

Whether or not you’re on your period, the same care tips are important post-wax. Keep the area clean, avoid swimming, baths, the sauna or intense workouts. Instead, take showers and use gentle products on your skin like witch hazel--not heavy lotions that can clog pores.  


Have more questions about waxing on your period? We Go There. Contact us at:INFO@WAXON.CA or1.855.WAXBAR1

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